Misconception: In Islam homosexuals must be put to death

Background: Some think that in Islam homosexuals (gays and lesbians) must be put to death or The Quran sets out punishments for being homosexual.

The practice of homosexuality by the people of Lot is discussed in the following verses of The Quran [7:80-84, 11:77-81, 26:165-169, 27:54-55, 29:28-29]. In verses 11:77-81 and 29:29 it is made clear that along with public practice of homosexuality, they also engaged in aggressive tactics/crimes and had a corrupting nature/influence on their society, and the people of Lot suffered punishment from God because of this.
In The Quran marriage is only possible between man and woman, and any sex or lewd acts out with marriage by anyone (i.e. not only homosexuals) are considered punishable offences and if proven in a society governed by The Quran's laws, a penalty can be administered by such a society [4:15-16, 24:2]. There is no death penalty. It is important to note The Quran does not stipulate any penalty for simply being homosexual.

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